Ariana Grande’s 2000s teen flick-filled music video for “Thank U, Next” is pop-culture gold

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      Just when you thought that mega-pop goddess Ariana Grande has reached peak fame after dropping a catchy surprise break-up single on the heels of her short-lived engagement with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, she proves you wrong by releasing a highly anticipated star-filled video to complement her critically acclaimed song.

      Grande’s entire five-and-a-half minute long “thank u, next” music video where she reminisces on old loves and moving on will make hearts feel full if you’re a pop-culture junkie—especially for millennials who grew up binge watching cult-favourite 2000s teen films like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, 13 Going on 30, and Bring It On.

      Grande as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, studying a book titled "Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy".

      The attention to detail in the short video is impressive—everything from Regina George’s “Burn Book” (Mean Girls) to Jenna Rink’s dollhouse (13 Going on 30) to Elle Wood’s law books (Legally Blonde) make an appearance.

      Grande also took it upon herself to spotlight some well-loved characters from the respective movies, including Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels (his hair still looks sexy pushed back), and Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette (who reprises the iconic bend-and-snap sequence with the pop star). You either get the references, or you don’t.

      Jonathan Bennett's character as Aaron Samuels was brought back to life.

      Other celebrities like Colleen Ballinger, Elizabeth Gillies, and Troye Sivan also make appearances in the music video.

      Besides the fact that the Sweetener singer is causing a storm among Arianators on Twitter with her Regina George impersonation, we need to take a moment to highlight arguably the most celebrated cameo in “thank u, next”: Kris Jenner as George’s “cool mom”, complete with a camcorder in hand while cheering on her daughter’s squad dressed in Santa attire and dancing to “Jingle Bell Rock” (or in this case, “thank u, next”).

      Kris Jenner perfectly portraying Regina George's "cool mom".

      Bravo, Grande, for creating a masterpiece we never knew we needed in 2018.

      If you want a take a trip down millennial memory lane, watch the video below.

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