On Our Radar: Cassandra Maze serves up something five times more powerful than a triple espresso with "Boom"

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      In case it's not obvious right from the opening moments of "Boom", Cassandra Maze certainly doesn't seem to lack for confidence, charisma, or a general enthusiasm for life. 

      We start out on the streets of Vancouver's Chinatown, duck into a stairwell that brings to mind Fred Herzog's Photographs, and then settle down in a heaven's gate-white performance studio. From there Maze starts on the drums before bouncing to keys to guitars to xylophone while a clad-in-black duo unleash their inner La La La Human Steps fans. 

      But why listen to our take on things, when you can get Maze's? Her new EP, Assymetry, was recently lauded by the Straight's John Lucas as follows: "a collection of fully realized and impeccably produced modern electronic-pop tracks. These songs are slick enough to hold their own on playlists that also include selections from heavy-hitters like Charli XCX and Rita Ora."

      Here's what she has to say about "Boom", the video for which the Straight is thrilled to premiere below: "'Boom' is an explosive, feel-good pop anthem. Five times more powerful than a triple espresso, Boom will be your Monday morning pick-me-up and your Friday night pick-me-up-and-put-me-on-the-dancefloor."