The Georgia Straight musical advent calendar for Christmas 2018—Day 16: Jona Lewie

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      This one is a bit of an obscurity, at least on this side of the Atlantic. Jona Lewie's song "Stop the Cavalry" was, however, a Number 3 hit in the U.K. at Christmas in 1980.

      It's an antiwar song, told from the point of view of a soldier in the trenches.

      Lewie told the Guardian in 2015:

      The festive angle came from the line: “I wish I was at home for Christmas.” My soldier is in the trenches, daydreaming about Christmas dinner with his family. When we recorded it properly, I got a Salvation Army brass band to play the kazoo parts and the co-producer, Bob Andrews, suggested adding a tubular bell. That made it even more Christmassy. To make the video, we went trudging around London’s Hampstead Heath in military gear in late November 1980. It was snowing and I was freezing cold and bloody uncomfortable. So you could say I was method acting.