Raconteurs return with a tiny new single, suggesting Jack White isn't sitting around playing Red Dead Redemption II

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      Based on past conversations with the Straight, Jack White isn’t the kind of rock star who spends his spare time sitting around playing Red Dead Redemption II or working his way through seasons one through nine of The Walking Dead.

      His exact quote when asked about his ever-busy schedule around the time of his solo triumph Blunderbuss was this: “If someone who’s 80 years old comes up in an airport and says, ‘What do you do for a living?’, if I have the gall to say artist, instead of musician or producer or whatever, I’m really going to be responsible to that word—it’s not an excuse to not work. So I push myself. I gave myself over to it a long time ago—gave myself over to not having a normal life or a normal experience, to not coming home and sitting on the couch and watching TV at night. I don’t get to have that.”

      That drive explains why, mere months after wrapping up touring duties for his latest solo endeavour, Boarding House Reach, White is getting ready to pack his suitcase again.

      This time he’ll be hitting the road with the Raconteurs.

      That’s right, the band which White formed with singer-guitarist Brendon Benson, bassist Jack Lawrence, and drummer Patrick Keeler is officially back after what looked like a permanent split. (Recall Benson, back in the 2014, telling the Guardian that a full-length followup to the sophomore album Consolers of the Lonely was “kind of off the table”.

      Surprisingly, and seemingly out of nowhere, the quartet rang out 2018 with the release of two new songs, “Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone”. That’s been followed today with news of a new three-inch single titled “Store Bought Bones”. You read that correctly-a tiny three-inch release on vinyl, for which you’ll find a tiny Crosley turntable will come in handy for your listening needs.

      The release will be in finer bricks-and-mortar outlets for the upcoming Record Store Day 2019.

      The Raconteurs have announced that they’ll also be touring extensively later this year for their third full-length, which has a TBA release date.

      In the meantime, here's the Raconteurs' greatest song to date, "Carolina Drama". After 200 listens, we're not ashamed to admit we still have no idea how it ends. If only we could ask the milkman.