An imperfect Kesha pulls back the curtain on a long-held secret, and good God are her freckles fantastic

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      The funny thing about guilty pleasures is that they are, technically, supposed to be something one is ashamed of. 

      How appropriate that Kesha Rose Sebert--long a completely guilty pleasure around the Straight offices--has started 2019 by leading us down a path that suggests the days of hiding things from the world need to be over. 

      The 31-year-old pop-wars survivor has started the New Year by owning something that she's kept secret from the public for years

      Yesterday, the artist known to her fans simply as Kesha took to Twitter to announce that she's had enough of hiding a complexion that's always been digitally altered by record companies, magazine art directors, and video-shoot directors. 

      "this year my resolution is to love myself...  just as I am," she announced, "all fucked up and imperfect and whatever else." 

      This was then accompanied by a selfie which revealed that, in real life, Kesha not only has freckles, but a complete shit-ton of them. And, holy fuck, are they fantastic. Seriously, beautifully, fantastic. 

      Using Kesha as our beacon, we here at the Straight offices are going to, moving forward, admit that we're also fucked up and imperfect, and therefore shouldn't be ashamed of our countless guilty pleasures. 

      No more hiding the fact that four out of five meals consist of Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries and Tang. Or that--forget Narcos, Black Mirror, and The Walking Dead--there's nothing we love watching more than The Big Bang Theory. And that we don't feel the slightest bit of embarrassment cranking Greta Van Fleet every time the new kings of rock radio come on the Car2Go stereo. 

      And speaking of cranking it, don't bother disputing that Kesha's "Tik ToK" remains one of this decade's most delectable guilty pleasures--even if you can't see her freckles in the video. Watch, and sing along, even if you feel unnecessarily horrified at yourself for doing so.