Album of the Week: Lil Hank is a good boy

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      Lil Hank
      EDM’s Last Hope II (Monstercat)

      Things move so fast these days. I thought the name “Lil Hank” referred to an 11-year-old boy named Mason Ramsey, who achieved fame after a video of him singing Hank Williams’s “Lovesick Blues” in a Walmart aisle went viral. Ramsey ended up on-stage at Coachella in 2018; by the time he’s in high school he’ll probably be back where he started, but instead of yodelling, he’ll be saying “Welcome to Walmart” 300 times an hour.

      Turns out there’s another Lil Hank, a DJ and producer of electronic music who happens to be an adorable little white Pomeranian.

      No, really. He’s a dog. And although he hails from either South Dakota or Beverly Hills, depending on which source you believe, he’s signed to Vancouver’s own Monstercat label, so we’re just going to call him local. (And when we say “signed”, we assume he put a paw print on a contract.)

      How’s the music? Well, it sounds like someone with a laptop made it in their bedroom. Which is, of course, a perfectly respectable way to produce EDM. That’s probably how Marshmello does it, and by all accounts he’s a human. So it’s even more impressive to think that a tiny ankle-biter is responsible for the banging trap of “Life of Dog” and the weird electro-pop of “Hank’s Happy Place”.

      Who’s a good boy?