Album of the Week: Going Late

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      Going Late

      Almost a decade into a career acclaimed for a sound as chill as a West Coast Sunday, Humans has zero impetus to draw up a new sonic blueprint.

      If you’re looking for Death Star–sized bass drops or glitter-bomb walls of synths then you can once again keep moving right along.

      What Humans does, it continues to do magnificently, with Going Late the kind of record you reach for at 3 a.m. when you’ve finally burned out on the xx.

      In other words, the Vancouver duo of Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have delivered yet another record of beautiful, gloriously downtempo stuff.

      Feel like pulling on your best Bryan Ferry-blue suit? Cue up the sleekly soulful “Noose”. Down for a Yellow Bird deep in the exotic wilds of Brazil or Costa Rica? Kick back as Humans transports you to a better place with the tropical meditation “Birthday Jam”.

      Going Late wraps with the decidedly un-Humans-like “Still About You”, a surprisingly sunny bit of scruffy new wave perfect for the inevitable remake of The Breakfast Club. Sure it’s basically a remix of “Bout Chu”, but just because you don’t have to do something new doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.