I told you Brian Johnson was back in AC/DC! Didn't I tell you Brian Johnson was back in AC/DC?

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      Last August I caused quite a stir in the hard-rock world when I started a rumour that AC/DC was in Vancouver recording a new album--and that the current lineup included none other than recently estranged members Phil Rudd and Brian Freaking Johnson!

      But the cool thing was, I had photographic proof that took the whole "rumour" thing to another level.

      Thanks to the snap-happy team of Glenn Slavens and Crystal Lambert--who supplied me with paparazzi-style photos of the AC/DC members--it seemed that the claim was more than "fake news".

      And now the revelation is being given more creedence by a Facebook post from L.A. grindcore/death-metal band Terrorizer, who posted this message a couple days ago:

      "We ran into Brian Johnson from ACDC at the airport today after the flight home and we asked him about the rumors of him being on the new ACDC album and he said "Yes" and that he is "Sick of denying it". So that was a cool surprise ending to the tour."

      Told ya so.