On Our Radar: Partner's "Long and McQuade" video is fantastic enough to make us break our own rules

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      Normally, On Our Radar is a feature devoted to showcasing videos by Vancouver artists in all their insanely creative glory.

      Today, we're going to break with tradition for a couple of reasons.

      Start with the fact that the Ontario-via-New-Brunswick two-piece Partner--composed of Josée Caron and Lucy Nile--has done the seemingly impossible by making indie-rock sound fresh, punchy, and above all fun again. 

      Recall, if you will, the band's Polaris Prize-nominated 2017 debut In Search of Lost Time. Major takeaways on the record included that there's nothing wrong with spending the day glued to the couch in sweatpants, rotting one's mind with Judge Judy and Jerry Springer

      The big reason we're breaking with On Our Radar tradition today is that Partner seems to share our affection for a certain Canadian musical-instrument retailer. That much—along with the fact that Caron can really play the shit out of her guitar—is evident in Partner's new video for "Long and McQuade". 

      It's good to know someone else ends up awestruck while standing in front of a Long & McQuade's walls of guitars. And that we're not the only ones who take a first-come first-served attitude when it comes to hogging the electric drums. 

      For a good idea what heaven looks like, on multiple fronts, watch below. 

      One last thing. Dear Partner: please ask yourself "What would Tegan and Sara do?" and then move to Vancouver. That way we won't have to break the On Our Radar rules moving forward.

      Partner plays the Fox Cabaret on February 20.