Ryan Adams called a "monster" who needs help by his guitarist Todd Wisenbaker

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      It's generally accepted that people who spend enough time playing in bands together eventually become something like brothers (or, in the case of Savages, Beaches, and Partner, sisters).

      There's something about passing countless hours in tour vans, airplanes, and green rooms that forges a bond that's hard to break.

      So it's hard to see a new Instagram post by Ryan Adams' guitarist Todd Wisenbaker as anything but devastatingly damning. 

      The sideman, who also plays in the female-fronted Le Sera, suggested that the veteran singer-songwriter who sometimes cuts his cheques is a "monster" who needs professional help. 

      In a New York Times article last week, Adams was accused by numerous women, including his ex-wife Mandy Moore, of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. Other have come forward in the wake of the article, including everyone from music-biz long-timers like Liz Phair and Jenny Lewis to critically lauded newcomers like Phoebe Bridgers. 

      Adams has denied all allegations, calling some of the charges "exaggerated" on Twitter, and others "outright false". 

      That hasn't stopped Wisenbaker from describing behaviour that he's witnessed from Adams as "sickening and embarassing". You can read the entire post below, which includes such charges as "I’ve recently learned that pretty much everything he’s ever told me is a lie upon a lie upon a lie”, below.