On Our Radar: Based on the YouTube comments for "Hollow", Imonolith is doing something right

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      For hard-core music fans, there are a myriad of ways to measure the brilliance of YouTube.

      Consider, for example, this reality: gone are the days when you sat glued to the couch in front of MuchMusic for hours, desperately trying not to soil yourself, knowing full well that to leave the living room for two minutes meant potentially missing out on seeing Pantera's "Walk". Or Strapping Young Lad's "Love". Or Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams".

      Then there's the gift that, thanks to YouTube, you no longer have to remember to set the VCR for The Wedge, once known as the one hour in a week when you might see the Refused's "New Noise". Or Zimmers Hole's "When You Were Shouting at the Devil". Or Dinosaur Jr.'s "Little Fury Things".

      But our favourite thing about the YouTube era is the way that everyone's a music-video equivalent of Siskel & Ebert. Want an instant call on whether the new video from your new favourite artist is worth three-and-a-half minutes of your precious time on planet Earth? All you have to do is scroll down to the comments from your fellow YouTube addicts, the added bonus being that the comments are often more hilariously vicious than glowingly positive.

      The video for "Hollow" is a rarity in that it brings nothing but a flood of good words. This might have something to do with folks being genetically predisposed to like Imonolith, which includes in its ranks members of metal legends like Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, 3 Inches of Blood, and the Devin Townsend Project.

      Rather than have us weigh in on "Hollow", let's let the people of YouTube do that.

      Highlights from the comments section include:

      • "F*ckin' love this!! Takes me straight back to '99, proper good 90's metal sound!" -Ryan Archer.
      • "Beyond my expectations really,that chorus hook is 10/10 ,the singer has both the screams and the catchy cleans,guitar department has a cool dramatic vibe to it and ofcourse RVP crushing it with groove and taste \m/,waiting for more tracks guys im totally riding with you!" -BlastBeat Fromthe Depths of Hell
      • "Excuse me while I try to glue my face back on my head. Dayum! Love it!!!" -Scruffy-Scoundrel.
      • "linkin park meets djent/prog metal? I need more either way, love this." -MetroidChild.

      Normally, you get at least one YouTube subhuman who's determined to be nastier than Leona Helmsley, Chevy Chase, and Rachel Ray after nine hours in economy with Helen Kushnick.

      Imonolith—which make its hometown debut at the Red Room Saturday (February 23)—is obviously doing something right. If the band wasn't, it would reading comments like the following ones under "Stick Stickly" from crabcore pioneers Attack Attack!: