Dante Hadden makes being alone seem okay on Most Nights

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      Dante Hadden
      Most Nights

      Dante Hadden’s great trick on Most Nights is the way he leaves you thinking that being alone isn’t nearly as bad as it sometimes seems on a Saturday evening.

      The acoustic-leaning singer-songer starts off this smart and smart-looking (check out the Hipstamatic-styled retro car and Vancouver bungalow on the cover) EP with the driving “Most Nights”, lyrics from which include “Most nights honey you can find me/Walking in the road losing half my head.”

      From there “Move” winningly employs stuttering drums and lowkey piano, while “Hate That I Miss You” starts out with plaintive six-string and piano and then builds to something grandly symphonic.

      Whether he’s relying on soaring strings and thundercloud drums for “Lost” or dialling things down for the Sunday-morning comedown “We Don’t Sleep”, Hadden comes on like a man who’s had more than his share of heartbreak.

      But in the tradition of Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, he’s always impressively stoic rather than sadly maudlin. We should all be so strong.