On Our Radar: We Found a Lovebird captures a vintage vibe with the video for "Summoned With a Frown"

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      There are those who would argue that, while fancy production values certainly have their place, the best kind of music video is the band-playing-against-a-white-backdrop kind. 

      Hey, it was good enough for Elvis Costello and the Attractions. It was good enough for Buzzcocks. It was good enough for the Knack. It was good enough for Stone Temple Pilots.

      Actually, someone really ought to compile a comprehensive list of them. And they can add the latest video by Vancouver's We Found a Lovebird to the that list.

      Here's what the band's Larry Lechner had to say about the video for "Summoned With a Frown":

      We were surprised and delighted to learn that CBC Radio 3 had added 'Summoned With a Frown' to rotation. It seemed like the least CBC-ish of songs from our new album Deluxe Hotel but who are we to question Mother Corp. Turns out we had already scheduled a day of shooting with the great R.d. Cane for a different song ('Without Regard') but then we sprang the idea of shooting two videos in one day on him. Like the pro he is, R.d. just rolled with it and created what looks to us like a visual homage to '80s Britpop. Remember the video for 'Just Like Honey' by Jesus and Mary Chain? Anyway, the song is basically a grungy rant about an effed-up relationship conflated with the unsolved mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Not all lines are straight.

      Right, thanks for reminding me of this one, Larry. Another one for the master list: