Album of the week: Mully & Sculder have come up with Vancouver’s new official anthem

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      Mully & Sculder

      At this point in time, the opening lines of “Billboards” make a wonderful case that Mully & Sculder have come up with Vancouver’s new official anthem: “Gotta find a new home/Gotta find a new town.”

      If you’re under the age of 40, and have given up on the idea that one of the world’s most expensive cities actually has a place for you, you’ve got plenty of company.

      The good news is that Mully & Sculder’s Aaron Trory and Sarah Wheeler don’t exactly mope around on this smartly retro single, which will leave you hoping that an EP or, better yet, a full-length, is coming in the near future.

      “Billboards” starts out with the kind of neon-lit, bass-bombed synth line that New Order once specialized in, with the metronome-steady Eurodisco drums steering things straight for the dance floor.

      Just when the duo sounds like its dream home is a dark-wave club in central Berlin, things take a decidedly joyful turn and Wheeler steps to the mike and unleashes her revved-up inner neo-soul sister at the minute-and-a-half mark.

      Even if you’ve spent the past two years wallowing in the miserable reality that this city is no place for creative types, you’re guaranteed to leave “Billboards” feeling that, shitty as things sometimes seem, this shouldn’t stop you from dancing your troubles away.