On Our Radar: Buckman Coe captures the heaven and hell of relationships in video for "Price You Pay"

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      Who amongst us hasn't had a protracted fight with a loved one that's gotten personal and nasty, to the point where tears flow and shit gets broken. 

      That unpleasant side of relationships is captured more-than-believeably in the Buckman Coe video for "Price You Pay". In both a good and a bad way, the singer and talented guitarist gets into it big time with his costar Destiny Millns; one second they're feverishly grappling like Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks, the next they're scrapping like your parents after two and a half bottles of Wild Irish Rose. 

      Sometimes things get out of hand to where a wine glass shatters at the floor, and someone grabs the cat and heads for the door while bitterly announcing "I'm going home to mother!". 

      Eventually things get truly freaky in "Price You Pay", with Coe and the cat-custody victor taking to the streets of Lotusland on a sunny winter day. Passersby walk backwards on the seawall and cars roar along major streets in reverse. 

      Reminding us that we not only hate the cold, but couldn't swim 30 feet if there was $10 million sitting on a yacht as a reward, Coe then gears down to his birthday suit and jumps off a snow-covered rock into a frigid-looking Pacific Ocean. 

      All this is set to a smooth-blues-soul jam that makes wonder why Buckman Coe isn't cashing Clapton-sized royalty cheques and headlining the Orpheum every second Sunday.

      Then again, maybe the SoCan money is arriving in buckets, which explains what the two were fighting about, namely the pro-and-cons of redecorating the house in a style that might be descibed as "cat-lady chic" as well as the ups-and-downsides to trading in the Toyota Prius for a black 1977 Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, complete with the golden eagle on the hood.