In an announcement that should shock no one, famously flaky Morrissey has cancelled his two Vancouver shows

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      At this point in his long and colourful career Morrissey is as famous for cancelling shows as he is for railing on about meat consumption, immigration policies, the royal family, and any pop star (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble) who happens to be more famous and/or obnoxious than he is.

      So famous for bailing on live performances is the Moz that the web is littered with threads that track his unwillingness to buck up when the going gets tough. Check out, for example,, where someone has gone to the trouble of detailing every concert that the iconic singer and loudmouth has ever not given. In a story titled "Every date that Morrissey has ever cancelled", 291 shows are listed, high-profile bailings including everyting from Carnegie Hall to Lollapalooza. 

      It should perhaps come as no suprise then that Morrissey has just cancelled two Vancouver shows scheduled to take place this Sunday and Monday (April 14 and 15). He's promising to make the dates up in October.

      The shows were supposed to be the singer's first on this side of the border in over two decades. The protracted absence is partially explained partly by his decision to boycott the Great White North in 2006 as a “protest against the barbaric slaughter of baby seals.”

      In announcing Canadian dates for his current tour, Morrissey pledged to donate partial proceeds to charities that support animal rights. 

      Those upset about Morrissey cancelling his Vancouver shows, and who don't want to wait until October, can look forward to Moz making his way to the Pacific Northwest this fall, with a date with tour partner Interpol scheduled for Portland on September 30. Given the singer's track record, expect that gig, along with the rescheduled Vancouver ones, to be cancelled sometime in late summer. 

      In the meantime, there's a club if you'd like to go. You could meet someone who really....