Michael Schenker will play some killer UFO tunes in Vancouver tonight, so now I've got two gigs to see

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      I was totally content with the prospect of seeing guitar legend Buddy Guy at the Orpheum Theatre tonight, but now it looks like I'm gonna be spending some time a little further down Granville as well.

      Michael Schenker Fest is also taking place tonight, just south of the Orpheum at the Vogue, and as a guitar player Schenker is to hard rock what Guy is to blues.

      A stone-cold master.

      The cool thing is that I just checked setlist.fm and learned that on his current tour Schenker is playing some of the top tunes from his years with the Scorpions, the Michael Schenker Group, and, most importantly, UFO.

      For example, last night at the Revolution Hall in Portland he reeled out Scorps gems like "Coast to Coast" and such MSG beauties as "Armed and Ready", "Desert Song", and "Captain Nemo".

      But the setlist also featured a number of tunes that made UFO one of the greatest bands of the seventies, including "Doctor Doctor", "Lights Out", and the monumental "Rock Bottom".

      I still vividly recall how tore up I was when I went to see the Edgar Winter Group at the Pacific Coliseum around 1975 or something, when UFO were warming up. I got there late on the dreaded trek from Chilliwack and only saw the last bit of "Rock Bottom", just catching the last few bars of Schenker's fabled solo from high up on the far side of the rink.

      It's time for redemption--and Buddy Guy too, if I can swing it.