Brandi Carlile and Dave Grohl stage a Pike Place Market busking session that makes your long weekend even sadder

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      Remember how, last Wednesday, you thought for a good long, hard second about taking a road trip to Seattle, mostly because it's been ages since you stayed at the Moore Hotel, ripped through three pitchers of PBR at the Nitelite, and then settled in for a night of pinball at Shorty's in Belltown. 

      Instead, for reasons that have everything to do with the weak Canadian dollar, hating Donald Trump, and an aversion to three-hour border lineups, you decided to spend the weekend in your East Vancouver garden-level suite eating cold chili from a can in your ginch and binging on Game of Thrones

      Guess what? You should have gone to Seattle. While you were sitting on the couch wondering what people with real lives do on weekends, an impromptu jam session was taking place Saturday at the Emerald City's fabled Pike Place Market. Yes, that place with the flying fish that you make sure to visit each and every time you hit the Pacific Northwest's second-most-awesome city.

      We know what you're thinking--buskers at Pike Place Market are about as rare as panhandlers on Granville Street. Except that this time the entertainment didn't consist of a three guys playing "Sweet Home Alabama" on two-stringed fiddles.

      Fronting the band that played on the afternoon of 4/20 was Grammy-collecting, Americana giant Brandi Carlile. On acoustic guitar was Dave Grohl, who got to know the streets of Seattle pretty good during his tenure with grunge superstars Nirvana. 

      Songs played during a 20-minute set included "Let It Be" by the Beatles, which you can watch below. 

      As for missing out on the real thing, there's always the May long weekend to make things right. With any luck Donald Trump will have been impeached, giving you one less reason to not load up the car.