Nardwuar watches Lil Uzi Vert bolt mid-interview again, raising the legitimate question of who beat who

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      Hard as this is to believe today, there was a time when the Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews weren't guaranteed to stun and amaze the celebrities on the other side of the microphone.

      There's a reason that the Canadian icon's encounters have always been billed as Nardwuar vs. [insert celebrity name here].

      For every early success [Kurt Cobain, Jello Biafra] there were encounters of the decidedly testy nature [Skid Row, Blur, Henry Rollins]. At the beginning of the Nard's career interviews often went south. Recall if you will his coming out on the losing end after getting in the ring with an unimpressed Lydia Lunch, whose general disinterest and palpable disdain leads to this mildly desperate exclamation from Nardwuar at 13:40: "Do you always win? You're beating me here."

      That raises an interesting question with a just-posted interview with Lil Uzi Vert. Flash back to last year and Nardwuar managed to get somewhere in the neighbourhood of five usable minutes of footage with the Philadelphia-born rapper. Five minutes where the man born Symere Woods seemed primarily focussed on getting an answer on whether or not ecstasy was legal in Canada. 

      After seemingly being genuinely puzzled as to how Nardwuar knew about his Rob Zombie obsession, Lil Uzi Vert up and bolted, Nardwuar in semi-hot pursuit and not tracking him down until he was about to be whisked away in an SUV. The win went to Nardwuar, for no other reason than the MC seemed almost creeped out at the amount of obscure facts that were rolled out. 

      Flash forward to a new interview posted today, and Nardwuar again finds himself going toe-to-toe with Lil Uzi Vert, this time at Rolling Loud in Miami. Things didn't go nearly as well this time, with the rapper taking all of about three minutes to up and run in the middle of the interview. 

      Astute viewers will notice that Nardwuar--famous for his tenacity on the track during his high school years, as you will glean here--manages to tap his inner Roger Bannister this time, pursuing Lil Uzi Vert across the site at a clip suggesting that he's been doing some serious training over the past year.

      As to who wins, we'll let you decide, but we're scoring this one.......

      Watch below.