Vancouver music tip sheet: Cher, Billie Eilish, C.J. Ramone, and Avatar

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      May 30 at Rogers Arena

      Cher comes out of retirement yet again for the aptly titled Here We Go Again Tour. That’s actually an ABBA reference, and if you already knew that without having to be told, you’re likely to love a set that includes covers of “Waterloo”, “S.O.S.”, and “Fernando”.


      Billie Eilish

      June 1 at the PNE Amphitheatre

      If you were like us at 17, you were failing high-school math and pumping gas for minimum wage on the weekend. At 17, Billie Eilish already has a No. 1 album, an opening slot on a Florence + the Machine tour, and a major modelling contract under her belt. Yes, we suck and she rules.


      C.J. Ramone

      June 1 at the WISE Hall

      C.J. Ramone knows full well that he stands on the shoulders of giants—he even honours his forebears by playing a Dee Dee Ramone signature model Fender Precision Bass. We’re never going to see a Ramones reunion (fuck you, cancer!), but this is as close as we’ll get.



      June 3 at the Commodore

      This Swedish hard-rock act has a taste for marching-band uniforms, King Arthur–style crowns, and King Diamond–esque greasepaint, which should guarantee that if the metallic grooves don’t get you, the theatricality will.