Ja Rule argues the fraud-free Fyre fest's problem wasn't an M.I.A. Blink-182 and sliced cheese on horrid brown bread

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      Curious about what torpedoed the famously horrific Fyre festival, but not sure you got the whole story from the Netflix documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

      Ja Rule, who was one of the principals behind the biggest debacle since the Limb Bizkit edition of Woodstock, took to New York City radio to clear things up this morning.

      Appearing on The Breakfast Show on WWPR-FM, the veteran rapper and entrepreneur said the big problem with Fyre wasn't that advertised gourmet meals turned out to be two slices of processed cheese on plain bread. Actually, make that plain brown bread--seriously, who the hell eats brown bread other than 10-year-olds with no choice in the matter?

      It wasn't that the festival was billed as a supermodel-studded blowout on a private island in the Bahamas, but instead took place downwind from a Sandals Resort with nary a Lily Moss or Giselle Norman in sight.  

      And it wasn't the fact that Blink-182 ruined everything--literally everything!!!--by cancelling. 

      No, the problem, Rule contended, was that the festival he helped dreamed up with Billy McFarland had an accommodation problem. 

      “The biggest problem to me was the tents," Rule said on the Breakfast Club. "So when I see them, I’m like, ‘Yo, what the fuck are we doing with these tents? These are not the tents that were in the drawings."

      Attendees were promised luxury tents. Instead they got something that looks like they'd been sent back by the folks at FEMA. 

      Rule said he was assured that an email went out telling people that they wouldn't be lounging around in a Lotus Belle 16' Outback Deluxe Tent. 

      "These people spending this kind of money, you would think they wouldn't make this kind of fucking mistake. But they did."

      While it's unclear whether the was talking about Fyre organizers, or the people paying for the less-than high-end portable abodes, he contended only a people asked for refunds after getting the tent update. 

      "Festival motherfuckers sleep in tents...so I'm like 'aw-right. Cool," he said, sounding like Samuel L. Jackson. 

      Rule then added: "When motherfuckers landed, they were like, ‘What the fuck are these?’ And that’s when all hell broke loose."

      After denying that there was anything fraudulent about Fyre, he Rule ventured that he's up for another version of the festival.  (McFarland was convicted of wire fraud, and sentenced to six years in federal prison.) 

      Presumably that festival would offer such upgrades as cheese sandwiches on white bread, and an actual appearance by Blink-182. 

      Watch Rule discuss Fyre above, starting at the 19-minute mark where he claims to have never seen Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.