Ed Sheeran has his own Heinz condiment called Edchup. No, he really does.

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      There are some things so weird that they seem made-up, but trust us on this: Heinz Ketchup really did team up with Ed Sheeran to make a new condiment called Edchup.

      Take that in for a moment.

      Today is apparently National Ketchup Day. (Well, not in Canada. Here every damn day is ketchup day, because we have ketchup-flavoured potato chips, which are apparently not a thing in other markets?) To mark the occasion, Heinz has produced a Sheeran-branded version of its signature tomato ketchup. Last we heard it was already sold out, and you can only order it if you're a resident of the United States, but here's a link to the website anyway.

      Why Sheeran? Well, the U.K. singer-songwriter has been professing his adoration of Heinz ketchup for years. He even has a tattoo of the product's label on his arm.

      As for how Edchup differs from regular ketchup, it doesn't. It's exactly the same, because presumably Sheeran loves the original so much he wouldn't change a thing about it. Except for the label.

      This isn't the first time a food brand has teamed up with the "Shape of You" performer. In 2015, Ireland's HB Ice Cream released an extremely limited-edition version of its Gingerbread Sandwich, dubbed (naturally) the Ginger-Ed Sandwich: 

      See? Photographic evidence. We couldn't make this stuff up.