On Our Radar: Black Mountain visits a world made for Pringles and Depends in video for "Licensed to Drive"

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      As anyone who's ever found themselves hopelessly addicted to Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and/or Pong knows, sometimes it's hard to get off the couch.

      The best way to make peace with that is to pick up a carton of Salt and Vinegar Pringles at London Drugs and three Brassneck Brewery growlers, and then clear one's schedule from noon Friday to midnight Sunday. To really maximize one's video-game time, throw a Costco-size pack of adult diapers into the mix. 

      Black Mountain's Stephen McBean looks like he can relate. The video "Licensed to Drive" has the Vancouver-via-Victoria legend hunkered down on the sofa in front of a vintage red Zenith TV with a ColecoVision-issue joystick in his hand. As for the video game he's playing, think flying saucers from the days when Space Invaders was the number one reason to waste your allowance money at Circuit Circus.

      And the throwback goodness doesn't stop there. After popping in a Licensed to Drive video-game cartridge (yes, that was the delivery mechanism for the world's greatest digital drug in olden, pro-download times) McBean suddenly finds himself immersed in a world where vintage muscle cars tear down flaming desert roads, giant brown bats rip across the sky, and no one has any use for shirts or vests with sleeves on them. 

      Clearly having survived the departure of long-time members Joshua Wells (drums) and Amber Webber (vocals), the reconstituted Black Mountian sounds as mighty as ever, which is to say "Licensed to Drive" is what you want in the 8-track cassette player when you're bombing through the Nevada desert in a fully restored El Camino with a complete aversion to anything with sleeves.

      And if you don't own a vintage muscle car, and don't have the means for a Death Valley roadtrip at the moment? Don't worry, that's what God made the couch for. Sit back and enjoy Black Mountain's latest as an appetizer to the 72-hour marathon of Test Drive: Eve of Destruction you've got planned for this weekend, with Depends optional.