Is this TV commercial better than Rocketman?

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      Here at the Straight, opinion is divided about the Elton John movie Rocketman. 

      Ken Eisner’s review gives the lavish biopic a rousing “Meh.” 

      On the other hand, an impressed Doug Sarti told me he was still dreaming about the film days after seeing it. (Read Sarti’s interview with director Dexter Fletcher here.)

      My 13-year-old daughter’s brisk assessment: “I liked Bohemian Rhapsody better.”

      And mine?

      If I wanted, in my dreams, a dreary kitchen sink drama based on Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, perhaps directed by Ken Loach, then the Broadway-bound Rocketman was bound to disappoint.

      Anyway. Check out this much celebrated 2018 TV commercial for the U.K. department store, John Lewis & Partners. 

      It tells the same story, only backwards, minus the brandy and rails and gay sex, or Jamie Bell looking blank and wondering where his script went, and with better VFX. 

      Amazing, really.