Gordon Ramsay taught Lil Nas X how to make a panini and this is the only video you need to see today

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      As Lil Nas X’s second single “Panini” continues to climb the charts in the wake of his already diamond-certified hit single “Old Town Road”, a joke tweet has facilitated a meeting between two titans.

      After reaching out to Billy Ray Cyrus via Twitter and scoring an inescapable hit song, Lil Nas X thought he’d try his luck once again, writing “tryna get gordon ramsay on this panini remix” on June 20. While he didn’t ultimately receive a musical contribution from the chef, we might have gotten something even better.

      On July 1, Lil Nas X replied to a seemingly unrelated Ramsay tweet commemorating his 10 millionth subscriber on YouTube with the simple and to-the-point, “teach me how to make paninis while I’m still in London.”

      Ramsay replied “Name the day,” and of course, Lil Nas X replied “Wednesday” with an ASCII art figure hitting the woah, which, if you’re older than 15, is a viral dance on TikTok, the very app that popularized Lil Nas X’s song in the first place.

      If you’re not already following Lil Nas X on Twitter, his account continues to display why memes are leading the way when it comes to music promotion, and as someone who grew up learning the ins and outs of the Internet, he’s completely harnessed how to use them.

      With regards to “Panini”, a personal favourite tweet—“can’t believe they named a sandwich after my new song.”

      Lil Nas X and the famously hot-tempered chef met up at Ramsay’s London restaurant Lucky Cat and recorded a five-minute YouTube video of the two cooking paninis.

      Ramsay does most of the work, Lil Nas X always seeming a little dazed and confused like he himself can’t believe the life he’s living ever since skyrocketing to fame.

      “This is do or die,” Ramsay says before the big reveal of the finished product. “Panini—don’t you be a fucking meanie.” Hearing someone like Ramsay quote the lyrics of such a ridiculous song gives us all the energy we need to get through the day.

      Thankfully, the two were so satisfied with their work that Ramsay opened what seems to be a giant wall of medieval blades that can also be used for cooking and handed a badass-looking axe to Lil Nas X to slice up his portion. Such is the life of a celebrity chef.

      After the video went up, Lil Nas X’s response on Twitter was simply “you didn’t yell at me enough,” and honestly, he has a point.

      Enjoy the madness below. The sooner you accept that everything is a meme and we’re living in a simulation, the better.