Torn From the Headlines: Taylor Bennett and Femdot depict a divided America on "Singing the Blues"

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      Torn From the Headlines is where we showcase videos that, in the vein of Childish Gambino's powerful "This Is America", offer commentary on the state of the world. And, well, given the current state of the world, things could get dark, but we'll try to lighten the mood with the odd bit of social satire as well.

      If there's one thing the ascendance of President Donald Trump and his supporters has accomplished, it's to highlight and exacerbate the already-extant dividing lines in the country immediately to the south of us. Black vs. white, rich vs. poor, conservative vs. liberal... the conflicts are many, and what they all have in common is that neither side seems to listen to the other.

      This is the theme at the heart of rapper Taylor Bennett's song "Singing the Blues", which is framed as a dialogue between two seemingly opposed individuals who were apparently once friends. Bennett takes the role of a young black man on the streets of Chicago who looks at the problems around him and places the blame at the feet of "crooked politicians" and their MAGA-hat-wearing followers.

      On his verse, Femdot steps into the shoes of a Trump supporter to challenge Bennett's point of view: "And life ain't easy for me either/I mean, to be honest/Don't know why you have such a problem with what Donald does/My mom say he wanna make everything better for all of us."

      Watch a recent performance of the song from Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

      In Bennett's view, creating opportunities for dialogue is crucial, and is one of the themes of his 2018 EP Be Yourself. He told Rolling Stone last year:

      Conversation is about spreading education but we miss out on those conversations when we let these systematic oppressions like racism, homophobia or economic oppression take hold. We have to communicate. I believe that all these tyrants and bad things in the world are there to stop these conversations. What’s so cool about the project is that it’s B-Y-S, Be Yourself, but it’s really DIY: do it yourself.