Torn From the Headlines: The Deplorable Choir informs us that "Real Women Vote for Trump"

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      Torn From the Headlines is where we showcase videos that, in the vein of Childish Gambino's powerful "This Is America", offer commentary on the state of the world. And, well, given the current state of the world, things could get dark, but we'll try to lighten the mood with the odd bit of social satire as well. So far we have featured a lot of videos focused on U.S. politics. This is not by design; it's because no one in Canada seems to be making sociopolitically-minded music videos. We are, however, very open to CanCon suggestions, so if you have any, please leave them in the comments.

      U.S. president Donald Trump is not exactly known for his progressive attitude where women are concerned. Hell, in July of 2017, the Telegraph went so far as to compile a number of sexist things Trump had said on the record up to that point. 

      Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct enough times to merit a Wikipedia entry.

      And, although abortion is still legal in the United States (for now), the Trump administration has banned family planning clinics that receive taxpayer funding from referring women for abortions.

      In spite of all this, there are still braindead morons women of voting age in the U.S. who will loudly proclaim that Trump is the greatest president since the age of that untouchable GOP icon (and flaming a-hole) Ronald Reagan.

      Watch this video of the MAGA-hat-wearing trio known as the Deplorable Choir and, once you get over the fact that, no, it isn't satire, try to figure out what they mean when they say "Real Women Vote Trump":

      Beyond an unfortunate inclination toward voting for an openly racist and misogynist would-be despot, the song's lyrics don't quite spell out what makes any particular woman more "real" than any other. They do offer this bit of wisdom, however: "We don't care if you're girls/We don't care if you're dudes/We don't care if you're both/That's up to you."

      Nope. Sorry, ladies. That's not how the gender spectrum works. Points for at least attempting to be inclusive, though. 

      The video, in fact, offers exactly zero reasons for anyone (real women or otherwise) to vote for Trump. It does include a seemingly random plug for Corona, which seems especially inexplicable given that said beer is a product of Mexico. An earlier video made it abundantly clear that, like their Cheeto-toned idol, the members of the Deplorable Choir would prefer to keep Mexicans out of their country. Mexican people, that is. Keep them beers a-comin', though—right, ladies?

      Remember how no reasonable person thought Trump had the slightest chance of winning the 2016 election, but then (thanks entirely to the electoral college), he did? Let the existence of the Deplorable Choir be a reminder that millions of Americans did vote for him then and will do so again in 2020. It's a harrowing thought.