Today's A$AP Rocky assault charge led Donald Trump to the defense of his second-favourite rapper

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      American President Donald Trump has continued his efforts to prove that, when it comes to music, the only person he loves more than Kanye West is A$AP Rocky. 

      This morning Swedish authorities have officially announced that they've charged former Georgia Straight cover star A$AP Rocky with assault.

      The rapper born Rakim Mayers was involved in an incident on the street last month in Sweden. You can revisit all the details, complete with video, here.

      In noting that Rocky and his entourage were responsible "for the abuse of a person", prosecutor Daniel Suneson stated: "Together they have handed out blows and kicks against a lying person", along with the "plaintiff has been injured on the arms, among other things."

      Video of the incident posted on A$AP Rocky's Instagram page suggested that the rapper and his entourage attempted to repeatedly defuse the altercation.

      However video later posted on later seems to show Rocky and his crew giving one of the people following them a damn good thrashing.

      After calling a news conference on Friday where he suggested that he was personally attempting to free Rocky from jail, where he was still awaiting charges, Trump quickly took to Twitter after today's announcement. 

      All of Twitter, meanwhile, took the opportunity to ask why the hell he was obsessed with A$AP Rocky when he's got migrant kids sitting in holding cells, and generally has his white head up his ass.