On Our Radar: Lightning Dust's "Led Astray" video pulls off the trick of making black sand look like a giant blue blanket

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      For all the strangeness in Lightning Dust's "Led Astray" video, there's one thing that's endlessly puzzling.

      First let's touch on the weird: a bedsheet ghost with a thing for cigarettes; a fake butterfly that seemingly punches like Mohhamed Ali; a monkey in prison garb playing the shit out of the cymbals.

      And let's not forget the karaoke crooner who looks like the scariest parts of Dolly Parton, Mac DeMarco, Pennywise the Clown, and the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz

      All this is set to a song that builds from haunting acoustic meditation to drums-and-synths reverie.

      Here's what's so puzzling: where was the opening sequence? The guy in the granny glasses and art-house beanie suggests maybe the answer is somewhere off Commercial Drive. Except that the last time we checked, Commercial Drive didn't have dunes that looked like someone trucked in a barge full of sand from the beaches of Waianapanapa State Park in Maui. And then dyed the sand blue.

      Except that it doesn't really look like sand as much as it does a giant blanket.

      And if someone just left it lying there in East Van it would be gone as sure as your car is going to be rifled through every night you stupidly forget to lock the door. 

      Sometimes there are no answers to one's questions. And, no, Lightning Dust doesn't exactly clear things up with the following explanation: "The video was all Justin Gradin! He led us all through a butterfly-injured mindscape that leaves us in the hands of our ghost spaghetti guide and leads us to a sick parking lot jam between a punk lion, a hippie penguin."