Jaden Bricker’s mastery of pop songcraft is beyond his years

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      Jaden Bricker
      The Sill 3

      What was your greatest accomplishment by the time you reached the age of 17? If we’re being honest, most of us will admit that the answer is probably “not dying”. If you need a reminder of just how badly you squandered your youth, take a look at Jaden Bricker’s Bandcamp page. Do so and you’ll learn that The Sill 3 is the third album the 17-year-old indie-pop wunderkind has released—in 2019. He has a further half-dozen EPs and full-length records under his belt, too, dating from as far back as the summer before last.

      So, the kid is prolific. Is he any good? Well, consider the fact that he beat out 30-odd other aspiring under-18 acts in a contest held by Said the Whale. As the winner, Bricker won studio time, which he will presumably use to record another half-dozen albums. He also won an opening slot at Said the Whale’s Malkin Bowl concert on Friday (September 6). In a recent interview with the Straight, Said the Whale’s Tyler Bancroft said of Bricker, “He is a teenager with too much time on his hands and a ton of creative energy, and a very advanced understanding of songwriting, in my opinion.”

      Based on the sonic evidence he presents on The Sill 3, it’s easy to guess what Said the Whale heard in Bricker’s music. He can sing, he can play multiple instruments, and he seems to have an innate knack for constructing pop songs. Most compelling of all, though, is the fact that he already sounds like no one other than himself. He does, however, love reverb, dreamscape synths, effects-buoyed guitar lines, and suitably angsty melodies, all of which means tracks like “Rainfall” and “Superstitious” would sound perfect on a playlist with Peach Pit, Old Man Canyon, Yung Heazy, and other like-minded locals. Maybe even Said the Whale!

      Hell, the guy can even throw the whitest of white-boy emo-rap verses into “Edge of the Sill” and somehow make it work. That, friends, takes some serious talent.