On Our Radar: Carly Rae Jepsen gets ready for a date in surreal style in video for "Want You in My Room"

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      A lot can happen in 60 minutes.

      At the beginning of the video for "Want You in My Room", Carly Rae Jepsen confirms with her date that she'll be ready in an hour. Then, after a short but extremely conspicuous Google Home product-placement shot (because a girl's gotta eat, amirite?), director Andrew Donoho condenses that hour into perfect pop-song length.

      Jepsen spends a lot of the video skipping around in her skivvies, which is totally not gratuitous because she's getting dressed, you see. But this isn't just any getting-ready-to-go-out montage. In fact, it's downright surreal, with the walls of the singer's room changing colour and even disappearing altogether. At one point she steps out of her bedroom and onto a beach (where she very conspicuously dons Beats by Dre headphones, because a girl's gotta eat); in another scene, the members of her band have been transformed into a large houseplant, a dresser, and a chair. 

      SPOILER ALERT: When her beau shows up—presumably right on time—she takes the flowers he offers and tosses them inside, then pulls him in by his tie. So maybe they're not going out on a date after all. Then again, Jepsen probably has a full-sized French bistro in her bedroom closet.

      "Want You in My Room" was co-written by Jack Antonoff, who was the subject of a none-too-flattering piece on Vice.com recently. The headline was "Jack Antonoff Makes a Lot of Music and None of It Is Good". Ouch! I would include a link to that article, but you can just ask Google to find it for you.