Nick Cave takes to The Red Hand Files to announce the release of a new double-album titled Ghosteen

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      Proving that Christmas—or at least Halloween—sometimes comes early, Nick Cave has revealed that he'll be releasing a new double album next week.

      The announcement was made on the singer's The Red Hand Files website, where fans ask him questions and he gives detailed answers.

      Responding to a simple "When can we expect a new album?",  the goth-pioneer-turned-renaissance-man replied: 

      Dear Joe,

      You can expect a new album next week.

      It is called Ghosteen.

      It is a double album.

      Part 1 comprises of eight songs.

      The Spinning Song
      Bright Horses
      Waiting For You
      Night Raid
      Sun Forest
      Galleon Ship
      Ghosteen Speaks

      Part 2 consists of two long songs, linked by a spoken word piece.


      The songs on the first album are the children.

      The songs on the second album are their parents.

      Ghosteen is a migrating spirit.

      Love, Nick

      In previous Red Hand posts, Cave notes that he's been working on new material, and that he was beyond-thrilled with how good the songs sounded. His last full-length was the critically raved-about, nuanced exorcism Skeleton Tree in 2016. 

      Cave heads to Vancouver next month for a sold-out Conversations With Nick Cave appearance at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster. The concert format, which has been praised as dark and intimate, has him performing songs at the piano in between taking questions from audience members. 

      Here's a live version of "Distant Sky" from Skeleton Tree