Black on Black is a Cold War throwback

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      Black on Black
      How Very (Independent)

      If you fall down the same sort of online rabbit holes that we here at Straight HQ do, you have no doubt come across the so-called most mysterious song on the Internet. It’s a track that someone taped from a German radio station circa 1984 without catching the title or the name of the artist. Since 2007, the enigmatic recording has been circulating on the web, but in spite of high-profile coverage by Rolling Stone and Public Radio International, its origins remain shrouded in mystery.

      If Black on Black had tacked that song onto the end of its four-song How Very EP and claimed it was an original, few listeners would question it. The title cut here, in fact, has a similar chord progression, to say nothing of its general air of Cold War–era darkwave.

      Mystery solved? Well, no. Not unless Black on Black has discovered the secret of time travel. Mind you, given how much information is available about the artist on its Bandcamp page—which is to say, none at all—Black on Black could very well be the same band. A more likely scenario is that it’s the solo bedroom-recording project of a dude who wasn’t even alive during the Cold War.

      Whatever. Songs like “Talk to Me” and “I Don’t Want to Love You” will find favour with anyone who wishes they were living in the pre-Expo Vancouver that was home to Images in Vogue—or, at the very least, anyone who ever hoped this city would produce more bands like ACTORS.