Donald Trump turns to no less than hometown heroes Nickelback while dragging Joe Biden through Crazytown

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      At a certain point, one has to stop trying to make sense of things and just embrace the insanity. That's the only way to process what the world has come to in the reign of American president Donald J. Trump, who continues to alter reality in a way that makes Idiocracy seem like the most prophetic film of the past 100 years.

      In that spirit, we give you today's news that Trump has decided to take a potshot at Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden by posting an old meme featuring no less than Vancouver's own Nickelback.

      As a result #Nickelback is now tops in trending on Twitter in the U.S. And, admit it, you clicked expected hoping news of a breakup, a new album, or something that's guaranteed to mess up your karma for the next month. 

      Sorry, the answer is none of the above. But congratulations, Chad Kroeger—in case it wasn't already clear, you have officially secured your place as a pop-culture legend.

      Because we now live in a global-village version of Crazytown, it's possible that all this is clear as mud if you're one of those people who still believes the Earth is round and global warming is a real thing, Luckily, Twitter as no shortage of folks this afteroon weighing in on what's been a memorable day in Canadian rock history.