Prolific Vancouver punk author Chris Walter announces the closing of his Go Fuck Yerself Press

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      Vancouver author Chris Walter has announced that he's shuttering Go Fuck Yerself Press, the independent publishing house he set up in 1998 to release his own books. Over the past 20 years GFY has printed both works of fiction (Beer, Welfare Wednesdays, East Van) and essential bios of pioneering punk bands like SNFU and the Dayglo Abortions (SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say, Argh Fuck Kill: The Story of the DayGlo Abortions)

      The prolific Winnipeg-born Walter, who after decades of living in East Van moved to New Westminster a couple of years back, made the announcement on his Facebook page, citing the increasingly production costs of printing books. As he notes on his website, GFY has been run by Walter with no outside funding: "Our various projects sink or swim on their own merit, and we receive no government grants or third party funding of any sort. We are beholden to no one."

      Walter will have old titles available for purchase until they are all gone. 

      Do yourself a favour and bone up on your Prairie punk history with his memoir I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk and his must-read Vancouver-hardcore history lesson I Survived D.O.A.which he wrote with Randy Rampage.