On Our Radar: Edmonton's Royal Foundry finds an alternative use for nylon pantyhose in "Wakeup Wakeup" video

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      As generations of lazy people have discovered, one of the easiest last-minute solutions to the age-old problem of leaving your Halloween costume to the last possible minute is to stick some nylon pantyhose over your head. The effect is creepy and renders you all but unrecognizable (which is why bank robbers—or at least the ones in Hollywood movies—employ this trick as well).

      Edmonton-based indie-pop duo the Royal Foundry takes things one step further in the video for "Wakeup Wakeup", by including other objects inside the hosiery—things like cotton balls and fake butterflies. It's all a little weird, but you know what? The band writes killer hooks, so they can get away with such shenanigans.

      The Royal Foundry kicks off a national tour right here in B.C. this week, with a show in Rossland tonight (October 3), a gig at LanaLou's in Vancouver on Friday (October 4), and a set in Kelowna on Saturday (October 5).