On Our Radar: Sam Lynch takes a big risk in the video for the truly lovely "Darkest Places"

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      The brilliance of music videos is that, when done well, they can leave one wondering "How in the hell did they do that?"

      How did Christopher Walken fly around the hotel lobby in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice"?

      How did they get the monkey to play the drums so perfectly in the Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatrist"?

      How did Chrissie Hynde look so incredibly badass in the video for "Tattooed Love Boys"? (The answer to the last one being, of course, that she's totally fucking badass.)

      Sam Lynch's new "Darkest Places" will lead to some questions. First off, when she set up her mike, amp, and Turkish Grand Bazaar rug in the middle of the street, did she have an assistant director yell "Car!!!" every time an automobile approached? 

      How in the hell are the shadows moving all over the place, making it look like the clip was shot with time lapse when it clearly wasn't?

      Where was the video shot? Because it kind of looks like the outskirts of Richmond or Tsawwassen, but it also could be the area between New Brighton Park and the Port of Vancouver.

      How can one person's darkest places be so goddamn lovely?

      And finally, is this the song and video that breaks Sam Lynch bit time in Vancouver? If there's a God, you know the answer to the last one.