Halloween music video countdown 2019: Marilyn Manson (with bonus Johnny Cash, and also Moby)

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      Well, what would Halloween be without this guy? Just in time for the spookiest part of the year, reliable bogeyman Marilyn Manson checks in with his version of "God's Gonna Cut You Down". As usual, the video implies that Manson is a murderer, and really, has anyone looked into that? Because the guy has given us an awful lot of hints over the years. Just sayin'.

      The song is a traditional folk-gospel number, but astute listeners will no doubt realize that Manson's version is essentially a cover of Johnny Cash's rendition. Released three years after the country icon's death, the video features cameos by David Allan Coe, Patricia Arquette, Travis Barker, Peter Blake, Bono, Sheryl Crow, Johnny Depp, the Dixie Chicks, Flea, Billy Gibbons, Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Hopper, Terrence Howard, Jay-Z, Mick Jones, Kid Rock, Anthony Kiedis, Kris Kristofferson, Amy Lee, Tommy Lee, Adam Levine, Shelby Lynne, Chris Martin, Kate Moss, Graham Nash, Busy Philipps, Iggy Pop, Lisa Marie Presley, Q-Tip, Corinne Bailey Rae, Keith Richards, Chris Rock, Rick Rubin, Patti Smith, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Brian Wilson, and Owen Wilson. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

      The old hymn—which goes by several titles—was re-popularized at the turn of the millennium by Moby, whose 1999 single "Run On" used samples from "Run On for a Long Time", a 1949 recording by Bill Landford and the Landfordairs. There's nothing super creepy about the video, but Moby is allegedly a creep in real life, according to Natalie Portman, and he does die in the video. So there's that.