Vocalist Kim Woojin triggers angst over the Internet after dropping out of K-pop sensation Stray Kids

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      South Korea's Stray Kids are a hot topic on social media tonight after the band's popular main vocalist said annyeong (good-bye) to the eight other members.

      Kim Woojin, a 22-yr-old heartthrob to teens around the world, is leaving due to "personal circumstances", according to the management company JYP Entertainment.

      His exclusive contract has been cancelled and the band has rescheduled the release of its upcoming Clé:Levanter EP from November 25 to December 9.

      Woojin, as he's usually called, was the oldest member of the band.

      "The Stray Kids guide: Woojin edition" was posted on YouTube in November 2018.

      Stray Kids was formed by JYP in 2017 as a result of a TV show of the same name. 

      Their first EP was Mixtape, released in January 2018. And in June, South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism appointed the Stray Kids as an honorary ambassador

      The management company has called on fans to support Woojin as he embarks on a new path.

      Below are some of the reactions over Twitter: