Ariana Grande poses with Sen. Bernie Sanders, announcing that she helped register more than 20,000 young voters

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      Last week, Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders received an endorsement from left-wing icon and author Naomi Klein.

      This week, it's Ariane Grande's turn to stand up for the senator from Vermont.

      'MY GUY," Grande tweeted today as she thanked Sanders for showing up at her show in Atlanta.

      The pop princess also declared that she's registered more than 20,000 young voters.

      That's good news for the septuagenarian politico, who's clearly got his mojo back after suffering a heart attack last month.

      "I want to thank @ArianeGrande for not only being a wonderful entertainer, but also for being such an outstanding advocate for social justice," Sanders tweeted. "We must all be prepared—like Ariane has shown—to fight for everyone who is struggling. It was great to meet her last night."