On Our Radar: Steven Bradley gets nostalgic for "Capitol Hill" in Burnaby-themed video

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      It's about time North Burnaby got its due. From the heritage homes and distinctly old-school shopping experience of the Heights to the sweeping vistas of Capitol Hill, it's an area that would make any dyed-in-the-wool Vancouverite admit that sometimes the suburbs are pretty appealing.

      It also happens to be where Steve Kravac comes from. Although the accomplished producer (credits include MxPx and Less Than Jake) lives in California now, where he runs the Hell's Half Acre recording studio and the Porterhouse Records label, Kravac clearly hasn't forgotten his roots. His debut full-length solo album, titled Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears and released under the name Steven Bradley, includes a tune called "Capitol Hill". (The song features notable contributions from the Grapes of Wrath's Kevin Kane on guitar and Redd Kross's Steve McDonald on backing vocals.)

      The song's lyrics are a wistful mixture of nostalgia for the place he grew up and the impossibility of ever recapturing lost youth. "I grew up on your fields/We stole from neighbourhood stores/We rode our bikes into the night/And burned leaves at dawn" Bradley begins, before concluding with "I should know better than to play/Up on Capitol Hill".

      The song's video features a blend of archival photos and more recent footage of Bradley's old stomping grounds, which will probably get any other ex-Burnaby residents feeling all misty-eyed as well.