Gene Simmons proves, once again, that he's one of the most disgusting people to have ever walked the planet

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      From his amateur XXX exploits, to the way that he's been known to treat former bandmates in Kiss, Gene Simmons has gone to above-and-beyond lengths over the years to show that he's kind of disgusting. And don't even get us started on that thing he's had glued to his head for the past decade or so. 

      On the first day of the new year and the new decade though, the bassist with the longest tongue in show business gave the world yet another reason to wonder what the hell is wrong with him on every level. 

      In a Twitter post Simmons asked a simple question: "Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?"

      The backstory is that the Kiss founder doesn't like warm milk. So, instead of chilling his milk in the fridge like a normal person, he chooses to dump ice cubes in his cereal to keep things at an acceptable temperature. 

      As if his question wasn't horrible enough, the tweet was accompanied by a bowl of cereal that seemed to consist of five Mini Wheats what was either chocolate Cheerios or hand-rolled rat turds. 

      If not for his numerous past transgressions, which include everything from pedalling Kiss coffins to hitting the road on a Kiss retirement tour every 17 months, we might go looking for some way to justify Simmons committing the unforgivable sins of mixing ice with milk. Maybe the guy has a live cow in his kitchen that he milks every time he needs a cup of moo juice. Or a lactating Playboy Playmate of the Month. 

      It's more likely however that Simmons continues in his quest to be one of the grossest people that ever walked planet earth. And predictably, it hasn't taken the Internet long to suggest that has a special talent for making folks want to puke. Here's a sampling.