Did You Die revisits a lost era of alternative rock on Postcards From Paradise EP

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      Did You Die
      Postcards From Paradise (Blew//Rose)

      Maybe it's because I am, as the kids say, old AF, but I approve most heartily of the selection of covers on this EP by the Vancouver-spawned (but now Victoria-based) Did You Die. If you are also old and decrepit (or just an '80s alt-rock obsessive), you will feel like a kindred spirit of any band that would record its own versions of tunes originally by the Psychedelic Furs ("Love My Way"), Suzanne Vega ("Left of Center"), Peter Murphy ("Cuts You Up"), and Flesh for Lulu ("Postcards From Paradise"). I'm pretty sure each one of these songs was on a John Hughes movie soundtrack at some point.

      It's not just an on-point selection of tunes that makes this EP worth hearing, though. Did You Die has always excelled at shoegazing ragers, but here the band—which these days consists of singer and multi-instrumentalist Richie Felix Alexander and vocalist Katherine Marie Kovna—proves itself equally adept at synth-driven new wave (on "Love My Way") and jangly goth-pop ("Cuts You Up").

      Perhaps most significantly, the whole EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander himself. (By way of contrast, consider that the last DYD full-length, Royal Unicorn, had a different person filling each role.) The results are pretty great, and they bode well for the next time Did You Die releases material that it wrote itself.