On Our Radar: lié gets out there enough to impress a legendary weirdo with "Digging in the Desert"

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      The great prophet, poet, and all-round bizarro David Lynch once wrote the following: "This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top."

      The line comes from Wild at Heart, but it might easily apply to the video for "Digging in the Desert" by lié. 

      Let's start with what matters the most: the song. Over the span of three uncompromising minutes the Vancouver trio of singer-bassist Brittany West, guitarist Ashlee Luk, and drummer Kati J unleash an unholy roar of art-damaged punk, blown-tire hardcore, and undiluted riot grrrl.

      It's the kind of manifesto that can make a grimy subterranean DIY dive seem like the greatest concert venue in the world. Yes, sometimes catching a no-fucks-given band at the height of its powers on a good three-beer-buzz night can be everything.

      Visually, "Digging in the Desert" isn't just weird on top, it's head-scratchingly warped—and that's meant in the most respectful and admiring of ways. 

      West suggests that the goal of the "Digging in the Desert" is to guide "us through the sandy moonscapes of New Mexico", a setting she uses as a backdrop to explore “hedonistic feelings and being eaten alive by the hardships of love playing out in a fever dream in my mind".

      That is presumably her way of saying her mind is a place where the living room looks like Molly Maid hasn't been around for the better part of three months, the Slits and Savages are mainstream pop stars, and milk is life's most magical elixir, especially if you're the strangest half-human/half-thing creature this side of the baby in Eraserhead.

      Which, of course, brings us right back to David Lynch, who would likely appreciate the Justin Gradin-directed "Digging in the Desert" for reasons that only start with it being wild at heart and totally weird on top.