In news that should terrify Nick Cannon, Eminem springs a surprise new album called Music To Be Murdered By

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      Eminem started out the new year and the new decade by taking a lot of shit, to the point where one started to wonder if he was slipping. 

      Remember how, back at the height of not-inconsiderable powers, he'd take lethal potshots at all comers? And we're not just talking the Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J, but Christina Aguilera, Fred Durst, Cage, Benzino, Everlast, Ja Rule, Moby, Will Smith, and, well you get the idea. (While we're revisiting ancient history, hands up if you still snicker every time you flash back to "The Real Slim Shady" lyrics  "Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records/Well, I do/So fuck him and fuck you too."

      Consider the full-bore bitchslapping Marshall Mathers laid on Machine Gun Kelly in the fall of 2018 after the Cleveland rapper made comments about his daughter, it was hold-one's-breath time at the tail end of last year when Nick Cannon stepped up to the plate. The two have traded insults on tape for the better part of a decade, the most recent salvos from Cannon being largely ignored.

      The former Mr. Mariah Carey rolled out three diss tracks—"The Invitation", "Pray for Him', and "Canceled: Invitation"—as 2019 was in its dying days. Despite being the target of lines like “Now when you stop and start to stare at who's in the mirror/Look at all that fucking botox, bitch I know you embarrassed", the only response we got from Eminem was totally uncharacteristic radio silence. 

      And now we know why. Mather was busy working on the finishing touches for his 11th studio record.

      To the surprise of maybe no one but Dr. Dre and Steve Berman, Eminem dropped a new album on the world yesterday with zero advance warning.

      Music to Be Murdered By finds the Detroit rapper paying loving homage to iconic film director Alfred Hitchcock. Not only does Eminem recreate the artwork of the Hitchcock's 1958 album Music To Be Murdered By (that's right, he made records as well as films), he salts the release with samples of the director's on-set musings. 

      You'll also find Eminem continuing to show he has a conscience missing from his early piss-off-the-world days, with tracks referencing the 2017 Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester, and the Las Vegas shooting later that year. 

      Here's the first single, "Darkness", which ends with Mathers pushing people to do something about America's out-of-control gun problem by registering to vote in the upcoming election. That's considerably more progressive than, say, suggesting someone pistol-whip that punk Nick Cannon.