Deleted Instagram posts reveal Zack de la Rocha using personal trainer for Rage Against the Machine reunion

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      Times have evidently changed when it comes to the way that musicians prepare for the rigours of touring. 

      For decades, getting ready to hit the road as a rock star involved conditioning one's liver to withstand nightly assaults from Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Captain Morgan, and Pappy Van Winkle. Improving cardio for the 1.25 hours spent onstage each night meant cutting back from three Marlboro red packs a day to one, except on days that had "day" in them. As for strengthning exercises, who cared—that's why God made roadies, not to mention whoever's job it was was to remove the brown M&Ms from the candy bowl. 

      These days, everything is different. The world has become a place where hockey players train 360 days per year rather than arriving at training camp looking like a Tim Hortons donut taster. And where rock stars now evidently train like hockey players when it's time to earn some money on the reunion circuit. 

      This brings us to Zack de la Rocha, the Rage Against the Machine frontman who's largely been absent from the public eye since his band's last tour of duty a decade ago. In November of 2019, the famously political band announced it would be reforming for a series of shows in 2020, that perhaps having everything to do with the fact that Donald "Make America Great Again" Trump will be running for re-election this fall. 

      When Rage does return to the stage, starting with Coachella headlining slots on April 10 and 17, de la Rocha wont be huffing and puffing like Fat Mike after Free Pabst Night at the Greased Pig Barbecue shack. To make sure that he's in shape for sonic workouts like "Bulls On Parade" and “Killing in the Name” the singer has been putting in countless hours in the gym. 

      That much we know because no one is prouder of de la Rocha's prep work for 2020 than his own personal trainer, Andres Fajardo.

      The gym taskmaster was on Instagram today posting video footage of the Rage frontman’s recent exercise sessions, revealing that he’s been working him hard for three years. Fajardo's words of encouragement included "...we’ve been training to get him right for shows and getting back on stage with #rageagainstthemachine Let’s get it!!!” and "making sure the body can take it on and continue to impact the world and give the people great performances!"

      And then as soon as they appeared, the videos were suddenly deleted, making one wonder if de la Rocha went ballistic after seeing them on the _able.bodies Instagram account. Which would be entirely understandable; when you play in a band like Rage Against the Machine, you want people thinking you get into shape by doing the Sierra Madre grind, sans water, in the Chihuahuan Desert, not blowing a wad with a private trainer in a personal gym. 

      Here are the Instagram posts before they were deleted. Trust us, the singer wasn't yelling "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" when he was told it was time to push himself a little harder with the weights and exercise bands.