Michael Bublé breaks the law with a can of spray paint while providing zero answers as to how to pronounce Bubly

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      If he wasn't internationally famous and famously adored, odds are pretty good that Burnaby's Michael Bublé would spend good chunks of his day explaining how his name is pronounced. 

      Ask anyone unlucky enough to be cursed with a name that couldn't be further away from Smith, Jones, White, or Black, and they'll tell you it gets tiresome having to patiently explain things to the bank teller, Motor Vehicle Branch clerk, and reservation-taker at Via Tevere. 

      In Bublé's case, that his name is pronounced Boob-lay, not Bub-lie, Boob-lee, or Bubble. 

      The folks at Pepsi seem to have a similar problem on their hands with the carbonated soda brand they decided to call Bubly. Admit it--even if you drink 17 cans of the stuff each day before noon, you have no real idea how to ask for it in the grocery store. Is it Bubbly, Boob-lee, Bub-lie, or Bub-le-why?

      Michael Bublé is better positioned than most to relate to the confusion. Which explains why the Pepsi-owned Bubly braintrust tapped him for the 2019 Super Bowl commercial that introduced Bubly to America. You might remember him attempting to convince supermarket employees and customers that whatever the drink is actually called, it should be referred to as Boob-lay. A followup spot had him surrounded by Bubly cans as he sat on a supermarket floor with a magic marker, patiently changing each y to an é. 

      Now he's back, this time with a spray can and a cool, calm, and collected determination that nothing is going to stop him—police cars, sirens, fans, billboards 50 feet off the ground—from letting the world know that Bubly is probably not only pronounced wrong, but spelled wrong. 

      Watch below. And don't feel bad if you're no closer to figuring out how Bubly is pronounced by the clip's end.