Torn From the Headlines: Taylor Swift tackles gender-based double standards in "The Man"

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      Torn From the Headlines is where we showcase videos that, in the vein of Childish Gambino's powerful "This Is America", offer commentary on the state of the world. And, well, given the current state of the world, things could get dark, but we'll try to lighten the mood with the odd bit of social satire as well.

      If you've seen the Netflix documentary Miss Americana, you already know that the past couple of years have seen Taylor Swift go through something of a political awakening. The film includes scenes of Swift and producer Joel Little in the studio, working on several songs, including the politically charged "Only the Young" and "The Man".

      The latter track, which is featured on Swift's album Lover, is a head-on exploration of the different standards that men and woman are held to. If she were a man, Swift argues in the lyrics:

      They'd say I hustled
      Put in the work
      They wouldn't shake their heads
      And question how much of this I deserve
      What I was wearing, if I was rude
      Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves

      Check out the animated lyric video below.