The Drive-By Truckers might never get Jason Isbell back, but at least they're both coming to Vancouver

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      Just heard the awesome news that Jason Isbell is bringing his band the 400 Unit to the Orpheum Theatre on July 20.

      That's the best news I've heard since I found out that the Drive-By Truckers were playing the Commodore Ballroom on March 17!

      In case you didn't know, Isbell used to be a member of the DBTs, and for three albums--2003's Decoration Day, 2004's The Dirty South, and 2006's A Blessing and a Curse--he played guitar and sang along with fellow guitarist-songwriters Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley.

      Over the years Isbell contributed such wicked Drive-By tunes as "Never Gonna Change", "Decoration Day", "Outfit", and "Danko/Manuel", and every once in a while he'll pull some of those out in his 400 Unit shows.

      But even if he doesn't, he's got enough awesome post-DBT tunes to fill up a setlist. Take his latest single, "Be Afraid", for example:

      I suggest you do everything within your power to score tickets for both the Drive-By Truckers on March 17 and Jason Isbell on July 20. It's the closest you'll get to a reunion, I reckon.