Neil Young pulls zero punches in an open letter to Donald Trump that starts with "You are a disgrace to my country"

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      "You are a disgrace to my country."

      As great as that opening line might be, that's just Neil Young warming up in an open letter to Donald Trump published on the veteran rocker and activist's website

      While born in Toronto, the 74-year-old legend is now an American citizen who's called California home for decades. For the past four years, he obviously hasn't liked the direction that things have gone in in his adopted country. 

      After his right-to-the-point opening salvo, Young goes on to shit all over the Mango Mussolini for taking credit for economic policies put in place by his predecessor, Barack Obama. ("Our first black president was a better man than you are.")

      And for contributing to the climate crisis by continuing to pretend there isn't one. ("The United States of America, my country, is not a green on one of your branded golf courses that you can ride around on and damage so that other players cannot shoot straight.")

      And for continuing to play Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" at Trump rallies despite being asked repeatedly to stop. (“Every time ‘Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World’ or one of my songs is played at your rallies, I hope you hear my voice. Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying U.S. citizen who does not support you. Me.”)

      Suggesting that Bernie Sanders is the man with the right stuff to show Trump the White House door in the upcoming presidential election, Young concludes with "We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again."

      Part of the reason that Trump continues to use "Rockin' in the Free World" at his rallies might be that he professes to be a Neil Young fan. He's not only attended his shows in New York, but posed with him in photographs.

      To be fair, the optics of this shot aren't great for Young. But to also be fair, there's an old saying that goes something like "Only a fool doesn't change his mind."

      You can read Young's full "fuck that guy" letter here